podcast_100Legal IQ recently conducted an interview with Dave McAllister, Director of Open Source at Adobe Systems about the latest Open Screen developments.  McAllister offers some exclusive reflections on his work with Steve Jobs:

“He honestly was one of the most futuristic geniuses I’ve ever seen, able to figure the directions for the broad-based consumer and the high-end prosumer.”

Dave talks to Mikk Putk, of IP Insiders, about the risks when tying open innovation to business strategies and how it affects intellectual property protection (IP): “If we’re going to release a technology as open source we also expect, Adobe’s belief is that we are making the directly related patents that we hold on that available for others to use.”

Dave then speaks to Stephen Jenei, of Patent Baristas, about the ongoing Apple v. Adobe/Flash Player v. HTML5 dispute and the future of Flash and open development at Adobe : “Flash and the Flash platform, which includes Adobe AIR, have moved to providing unique capabilities to marketplaces that are interested in advanced features. So we’re seeing Flash continue to innovate, but move the standard capabilities off to other platforms.”

Please click here for the full interview mp3 and transcript

This interview was conducted ahead of Legal iQ’s 6th Annual Global Patent Congress

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