podcast_100Neil Bowering, Project Manager, IP Easy access, University of Glasgow, joins bloggers Stephen Jenei, of Patent Baristas and Mikk Putk of IP Insiders, to discuss Easy Access IP.

In this exclusive interview, Neil gives some background about the Easy Access IP system, why the University of Glasgow set it up, achievements to date, membership figures, types of IP that have been put into the initiative and what has been achieved through the Easy Access campaign.

Mikk Putk asks Neil to expand upon why the Easy Access IP system was set up as a free of charge service and how authors are rewarded; whilst Stephen Jenei questioned in regards to licencing – how the University defines the Technology.

This interview was conducted in conjunction with the upcoming Global Patent Congress, which will take place from 24th-26th September in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information please email enquire@iqpc.co.uk or call 0800 652 2363.

Please click here to listen to the podcast.

Please click here to read the transcript.

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