After an exhausting time at BIO 2012, we can finally call it a wrap.  Here’s a sampling of the reporting around the blogosphere on the convention:

Julie M. Donnelly at the Boston Business Journal gave the final numbers for BIO 2012: official tally of 16,505 attendees, down from the 22,000 in 2007. Total economic benefit to Boston of $26.8 million. (BIO 2012 by the numbers)

Luke Timmerman of economy gave the Good and Bad of BIO 2012.  The Good: This is probably the one biotech event each year that’s truly international.  The Bad: Too many people selling, not enough people buying.  (Three Good Things About BIO 2012, and Four Not-so-Good)

Kwame Mensah over at Patent Docs wrote a nice overview of a panel discussion on the potential impact of Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. on the future of personalized medicine and diagnostic method patents in the US.  (Docs at BIO: IP Challenges to Personalized Medicine & Diagnostics)

Fierce Biotech send nine (9!) reporters and editors to BIO 2012 for stories, interviews and other special assignments during the event.  The even hosted a dedicated website for the BIO convention. (Live from the 2012 BIO International Convention)

The Cross-Border Biotech Blog had the opportunity to participate in a new program known as the “BIO Buzz Center” which enables official bloggers to do webcasts over BIO’s website. (Cross Border Biotech – Now on Video)

Biotech-Now gave a reap of the Burrill Industry Report.  “How are we doing? It’s tough,” said G. Steven Burrill, CEO of Burrill & Company.  Noteworthy is that the biotech industry has raised $63bn in capital over the past year – the largest 12-month total haul in the history of the industry. (BIO 2012 Super Session Recap: Burrill State-of-the-Industry Report)

The New Cambridge Observer posted pictures of the Occupy Boston protesters. (Picketers greet 15,000 participants at BIO 2012 Convention in Boston)

About Biotech reported on a group with a different agenda. Rather than promoting an anti-biotech message, they were pushing for fast track release of a new combination cancer drug known as T-DM1, jointly developed by Roche and Immungen. (BIO 2012, Day 2: Industry Address, New Protests, and E&Y Release Global Biotech Industry Report)

Meanwhile, the Boston Herald cornered Rick Perry, Gov. Patrick during this year’s Bio conference, quizzing their scientific know-how.  (Pols flock to Bio 2012)

Rob Wright at Life Science Leader asks himself, “Does Bio deliver? Does Bio help to connect, partner, and innovate?”  He says yes — if you do a little planning. (Does Bio International Deliver On Its Claims?)

Finally, Yali Friedman at the Biotech Blog writes about a panel discussion on panel on how IP is essential for biotechnology and should be used to improve access rather than to drive high prices. (IP is essential, and should be used to improve access)

Next Up: Chicago, IL, April 22-25

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