As reported in the Atlantic, applicants to law school are down 15.6 percent for the year. Bigger problem? The wrong students may have stopped applying.
The smallest drop in applications (4.3%) was among test takers who scored below a 144. Meanwhile, applicants in the 170-174 range are down by more than 20 percent. The Law School Admission Council released figures on the one-year drop in applicants at ABA-accredited schools based on numbers collected through the end of March.

Best quote:

“So, the smart kids got the memo.  Law school is largely a losing game, and they’re not going to play, even though they can probably count on a better hand than most. Meanwhile, the number of laggards applying has barely budged.”

What does that mean?  I’m not sure if it means anything but it could mean that (a) the smartest applicants are pursuing careers in other areas and (b) the quality of law grads could decrease.  Only time will tell how that plays out but it could be good news for career paths that need more qualified people.

ABA Journals’ note here.

Lawyers Against the Law School Scam


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