Legal IQ has  launched a new white paper on Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolio Management Trends and Success Factors 2012, which reviews the recent challenges and changes in IP.  It draws upon the insight of leading legal professionals from across the world, and across Patents and Trademarks. They share how they view the future and plan to tackle the legal challenges and changes in IP.

To see the full survey result of 600 legal professionals, more key trends for 2012, and to read case studies from leading experts in the field, download the complete white paper at Legal IQ’s 2nd Annual Global Patent Congress website here.

All trends indicate an underlying drive to realign and grow in the face of changing technological, economic, and industry conditions. Portfolio management strategy is a cornerstone of success and a driver for growth. An openness to embrace the growing availability of new technology is also key to enable greater efficiency.

Some of the key findings of the white paper include:

  • Cost Control is of Importance to 93.6% of Trademark professionals and 96.4% in Patents
  • Most Business-Critical Activities: Alignment of Trademark/Patent Assets with Business Strategy
  • Key Future Investment for Trademarks will be Consultancy, and for Patents, Software.

To find out about Legal IQ’s 2nd Annual Global Patent Congress, taking place 25 – 26 September in Copenhagen, simply call+44 207 036 1300 or email

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