What: American Conference Institute’s FDA Boot Camp.  Basic training in core regulatory concepts for life sciences lawyers, business executives and policy analysts The approval process…pre-approval concerns…product labeling…clinical trials…adverse events reports…patent concerns…exclusivity. — all are critical aspects in the commercialization process for drugs, biologics, and devices which are governed by FDA law and regulation. Recent court […]

If you have to participate in Valentine’s Day, at least make it legal when you hand the card to your significant other (hereinafter referred to as “My One True Love”). Docracy, a website of online legal documents, has posted the “Be My Valentine – Lawyer Edition.” The Valentine form allows you to fill in a […]

The Hague rendered a judgment in the patent case between Taste of Nature (Koppert Cress) and Cresco on the patentability of a plant (Raphanus sativa) obtained by an unpatentable biological process. Court of the Hague, 408315 / KG ZA 11-1414. Taste of Nature started the summary proceedings in early December 2011. They were of the […]