American Conference Institute’s Comprehensive Guide to Patent Reform For Life Sciences Companies.

With the historic passing of The America Invents Act, H.R. 1249, the United States is now facing the most significant patent reform in more than 60 years. Patent reform is now a reality.

Based on extensive research with industry experts, ACI has developed The Comprehensive Guide to PATENT REFORM For Life Sciences Companies as an advanced strategic meeting bringing together the industry thought leaders, including Teresa Stanek Rea and Janet Gongola from the USPTO and Former Commissioner for Patents, Robert L. Stoll, to analyze the practical impact of the complicated new law on your patent strategies.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What does “first  to  file”  actually  mean  under  the  AIA  requirements?  Which  system can you or should file under – the current first to invent or the new first  to  file  (or  both)?  And  how  do  you  avoid  first-to-file  bubble  filings  before  3/15/2013?
  • When  can  on-sale  and  public  use  activity  be  considered  prior  art?  Has  secret  §102(f)  prior  art  been  eliminated?
  • Do  you  need  to  include  best  mode  in  the  application  or  not  and  what  happens  if  you  don’t?  Is  best  mode  completely  toothless  now?  How  will  examiners  be  able  to  address  the  best  mode  issue?
  • What  will  be  required  in  the  PGR  process?  What  type  of  discovery?  Expert  witnesses?  How  do  the  estoppel  provisions  alter  your  analysis  of  whether  to  engage  in  the  PGR  system?
  • What  estoppel  provisions  are  associated  with  IPRs  and  how  are  these  different  from  the  inter  partes  reexamination  provisions?  When  do  you  file  a  3rd  party  parallel  IPR?
  • What  does  the  prohibition  to  patenting  human  organisms  actually  mean  for  the  life  sciences  industry?
  • What  qualifies  as  a  micro-entity  and  how  do  micro  entities  take  advantage  of  the  new  fee  reduction  provisions  available  to  them?  Do  you  need  to  file  an  IDS  with  prioritized  examination  applications?


Tuesday, January 31 to Wednesday, February 01, 2012


135 West 52nd StreetNew York, NY 10019
Reservations: 212.887.9400 or 800-352-8683

But wait, that’s not all:

ACI is also offering informative and hands-on workshop:

Pre Conference Primer: Patent Reform 101: Overview of the Fundamental Provisions in the America Invents Act Monday, January 30, 2012 1:30 pm  –  4:30  pm   (registration  begins  at  12:45  pm)


Be sure to reserve your spot today. Register now by calling 888.224.2480; by faxing your registration form to 877.927.1563; or register online at http://www.americanconference.com/patentreform/workshop.

PatentBaristas.com is a Media Sponsor of this event.  Readers of Patent Baristas are entitled to $200 off the current conference price tier.   The discount code you will need for this is: PB 200.

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