AT&T Plea Bargaining Attempt

At the beginning of this month, AT&T rewarded some customers by giving them 1,000 free rollover minutes. While I’ll leave the debate of the dubiousness of such a reward to later, I just received a message from AT&T saying I have been upgraded and now can call any U.S. mobile phone for free:

“AT&T Free Msg: You and your FamilyTalk members now have FREE calling to ANY U.S. mobile phone. We’ve upgraded your messaging plan to Family Messaging Unlimited with Mobile to Any Mobile Calling at NO additional cost to you. Just our way of saying thank you for being an AT&T customer.”

I wonder if the competition from Sprint and Verizon is making AT&T nervous about retaining iPhone users. Well, I do love freebies. So, will I get the iPhone5?  Rumors point to a number of possible changes:

  • an aesthetic redesign
  • an A5 processor with 1 GB of RAM
  • improved graphics handling
  • an 8-megapixel camera with a larger sensor
  • bigger screen
  • a dual-mode network antenna
  • a slimmer device

However, the one feature I want to see with the impending release of the iPhone 5 is the ability to actually make telephone calls without resorting to tactics to increase iPhone 4 reception.  That will be the only deciding factor for me.

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