The effervescent Blawg Review Editor has asked Patent Baristas to host the next Blawg Review .  Having to follow the last review with the theme Nelson Mandela Day, everything I say will seem slightly more trite.

In the interest of God, Country and mercy, please send me your suggested additions to Blawg Review #313, which will be held next Monday.  Keep in mind that this week’s blog theme is “Keep It Simple”  so it would be helpful to have additional suggestions that continue that thread.

Send in your submissions via the submissions and recommended posts button: Blog Carnival submission form - blawg review

Or just send an email addressed in standard form to: post at blawgreview dot com

Submit your own best post or a recent law blog post that you would like to recommend for consideration by the host of the next issue of Blawg Review.  I’d especially like to hear from/about sites that are not perennials on Blawg Review.

Deadline for submissions shall be 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Saturdays for publication on Mondays.

Your email should include this info about your submission:

Email Subject Line: Blawg Review

Blawg Title:

Blawg URL:

Post Headline:

Permanent link to the post:

Trackback, if any:

Your Name: Legal Name, Username, Nickname, or Pseudonym

Description or Excerpt: *


*  It helps the host, sometimes, to know upfront how the writer would present the submission. The host shall be at liberty to present the submission, or not, or make another presentation of the post as seems appropriate to the host for that Blawg Review, with unfettered discretion.

I think we shall now go and enjoy a simple cup of tea whilst we ponder our task ahead.

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