Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day.  Apparently, businesses worldwide have been opening their workplaces to employees’ four-legged friends since 1999, according to Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog to Work Day website.

It’s not just the small places like mom and pop stores or pet stores that are allowing this.  In fact, large companies such as Amazon and Google are two of the places where your dog is just as welcome as you are (maybe more so)! According to a recent survey by American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, about one in five companies now allows pets, and three percent of dog owners have brought theirs to work a couple dozen times.

Why should an employer want to be a part of this dog day? Studies show that pets in the workplace boost employee morale, productivity and even sales! TYDTWDay is touted as a great public relations opportunity as well as an opportunity to raise awareness of helping save the lives of homeless shelter animals in your area and around the world!

While my dog is laid up with a back injury, I hope others were able to spend some quality time with their pet.


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