“Originally referred to as “art in industry”, industrial design provides the means to differentiate between mass-produced objects, drawing us to one product rather than another, making one brand more successful than another. Behind every new design is a desire to break new ground, to improve and to enhance consumer experience. Good design makes products easier, more comfortable and safer to use.” ~Director General of WIPO

On April 26, 2011, WIPO celebrates World Intellectual Property Day.  The theme of World IP Day this year is “Designing the Future”.  This year’s World Intellectual Property Day celebrates the role of design in the market-place, in society and in shaping the innovations of the future.

WIPO joins governments, organizations, schools and enterprises around the world in celebrating the designers today, who are designing the future. A  summary of the activities (in the language in which they were received) organized to celebrate World IP Day will be published on the WIPO website and on the World IP Day Facebook page.

WIPO will also continue to build on the World IP Day web gallery, displaying new posters and other publicity materials sent to it to mark the event.  IP Offices and organizations are invited to send copies of their posters (in PDF format) and the details of their activities as early as possible, by post or by e-mail (worldipday@wipo.int).

Why not use World Intellectual Property Day 2011 to fully explore and utilize IP protections for your business?

Get the WIPO Poster (2.5 MB) here.

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