Teva Pharmaceuticals has launched a new online game promotion generic substitution among consumers. The link is below – as you can see, it allows players to replace popular brand-name drugs with their generic equivalents, and it shows how much one would save if they made the switch.

According to Teva PR, they’ve had 17,000 views in just two weeks.  But, I played the game (you know, research) and found that there was really no game to it.  You just clicked on drugs and got comparison pricing for generic substitutions over brand drugs.  I really can’t see my son spending an afternoon playing this game.  Or even 15 seconds.

You would think that with Teva’s last quarterly net sales of $4.3 billion — an increase of 20% over the comparable period in 2009 — they could afford to put together a better game.  Maybe Call of Duty: Modern Generic Drug Warfare.

You can check out the game yourself here:  Switch-n-Save — Teva’s Year Of Affordable Healthcare

*Update:  The link was not working but has now changed to a new address.

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  3. Sounds good, but i can’t see any connection between the two. I guess its for the purpose of attracting customers.

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  5. Funny post, yes, you would think that with the money they make and they money they could make from an engaging game, they would create a better one.

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