I know I preach that over-consumerism is a bad thing (see: simplify | the benefits of minimalism) but we’re back again this year with a list of the best gifts for patent geeks and entrepreneurs.  Here are some ideas to stimulate discussion.  So, sit back over a cup o’ joe and take some time to […]

The University of Baltimore School of Law’s Intellectual Property Law Journal seeks articles for its Spring 2011 symposium issue.  The symposium’s theme is: “The Incentive to Invent: Intellectual Property Protection and the U.S. Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries.” The symposium seeks to explore issues and trends related to the role which intellectual property plays in the […]

Teva Pharmaceuticals has launched a new online game promotion generic substitution among consumers. The link is below – as you can see, it allows players to replace popular brand-name drugs with their generic equivalents, and it shows how much one would save if they made the switch. According to Teva PR, they’ve had 17,000 views […]

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is implementing a pilot program (Extended Missing Parts Pilot Program) in which an applicant can request a twelve-month time period to pay certain fees and to reply to a Notice to File Missing Parts of Nonprovisional Application. Under the Extended Missing Parts Pilot Program, applicant must file […]