Huw G. Hallybone, a Partner at Carpmaels & Ransford, gave a talk at the BIO IP Counsels Committee Conference (IPCC) in Boston last week about allowable subject matter at the EPO. Article 53 Exceptions to patentability European patents shall not be granted in respect of: (a) inventions the commercial exploitation of which would be contrary to […]

At the BIO IP Counsels Committee Conference (IPCC) in Boston last week, Sandra Wells, VP and Chief IP Counsel of Affymetrix, gave a talk about the evolving patent-eligibility standards for genes. Earlier, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT), and a whole gaggle of others have filed a lawsuit challenging patents […]

solipsism – n. – the theory that the self can be aware of nothing but its own experiences. You already know they exist — out there somewhere — waiting to bash your company.  Just look at websites such as “I Hate Boingo” and “PayPal Sucks.”  Don’t even get me started on all the variations of […]

I’m on my way to the BIO IP Counsels Committee Conference.  The 2010 Fall IPCC Conference, in Boston, MA, is scheduled for October 18-20, 2010.  It is an opportunity for BIO members and other industry IP professionals to come together to hear, discuss and learn about current and projected topics related to biotech IP. Program […]