xyggylogoDinesh Vadhia, CEO of Xyggy Corporation, gave us an early look at a new patent search tool Xyggy Patent, which allows you to search for similar patents using known patents as the query.

The queried patents are selected by patent number or patent title and the results are returned in ranked order according to their relevance to the referenced patent.

Our paradigm for search is based on the fundamental idea that search should be item-based not just text-based, and that a query based on items provides substantial advantages and additional information as compared to queries involving only keywords.”  ~Xyggy Patent

As an example, we did a search for the Bayer patent for drospirenone (U.S. Pat. No. 6,787,531).  The search box has an auto-complete function so entering “6787531” brings up the patent but entering just the title “Pharmaceutical composition for use as a contraceptive” also brought up the correct patent.

In a comparison, a search of Google Patents brought up the ‘531 patent and just three related patents, ranked according to popularity where Xyggy Patent found 19 pages of patents  and ranked them based upon how similar they are to the Bayer patent.

The search results are presented as titles only but a mouse over brings up a pop-up box with various pertinent details like the title and a portion of the abstract.

The coverage for Xyggy Patent is US patents from 1976 to end-June ’09 and they’ll begin regular updates in September.  It is clearly still in the early stages and mentions expanding to further types of searches including dating services and biotechnology sequences.  Whether those two things should ever come from the same entity we’ll leave for another day.

Disclaimer: No offense meant to Will Smith.

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  1. A few additional points:

    i. For now, the results link to the USPTO site

    ii. You can enter multiple patents per query. For example, enter the following 3 patents by patent# or patent title into the autocomplete box:

    1. 6787531 (“Pharmaceutical composition for use as a contraceptive”)
    2. 6177416 (“Oxyiminopregnancarbolactones”)
    3. 6610670 (“Cyclodextrin-drospirenone inclusion complexes”)

    Xyggy Patent returns patents that are similar to all 3 patents in ranked order.

    By comparison, Google Patents “did not match any documents” by patent numbers:


    Or, by patent titles:


    With Xyggy Patent, imagine that you’re passing “one or more” patents as the query and getting back similar patents in ranked order.


  2. The “Auto Complete” feature is really helpful.

  3. Very cool!

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