In 1995, Beth Jacobson’s late husband, Dr. Ira Wolmer was diagnosed with multiple myeloma; an incurable blood cancer that develops in the bone marrow. Ms. Jacobson, a lawyer, devoted her efforts to identify treatment options for her husband, which led her to request that he be treated with Thalomid, Celgene’s brand name for thalidomide. While […]

Calling Emerging Company Presenters Application Deadline is September 23 Company presentations are one of the features that make Mid-Atlantic Bio unique. These presentations provide company executives with the opportunity to share informed insight into their product and process innovations as well as their growth strategies. The audience of conference attendees comprises prospective investors, scientists, advisors, […]

IAmBiotech, an online hub for showcasing the passion of the researchers, patients, farmers, and other innovators who are finding solutions through biotechnology, is looking for input from the biotech community. They have launched a survey to see how the biotech community is using social media to connect with one another online.  Do you think Facebook […]

Korea is a first-to-file or absolute novelty country, which does not allow an invention to be made available to the public (anywhere in the world) before filing an application for the invention.  Specifically, Article 29(1) of the Korean Patent Act provides that the novelty of an invention is destroyed where: the invention was publicly known […]

The USPTO has issued “Interim Examination Instructions For Evaluating Subject Matter Eligibility Under 35 U.S.C. § 101” to be used by patent examiners during examination. These instructions supersede previous guidance on subject matter eligibility. These instructions  must be “really” important given the extraordinarily “high” number of “unnecessary” quotation marks.  Maybe the USPTO could benefit from […]

Bill Bennett, of Pizzeys in Australia, sent a note detailing how in order to be eligible for an extension of term, the patent in question must claim “one or more pharmaceutical substances per se”, and there must have been a delay of more than 5 years between the date on which the patent was filed […]

Dinesh Vadhia, CEO of Xyggy Corporation, gave us an early look at a new patent search tool Xyggy Patent, which allows you to search for similar patents using known patents as the query. The queried patents are selected by patent number or patent title and the results are returned in ranked order according to their […]

The two most important questions for a firm are: “How does the firm make money?” and “How can the firm’s intellectual property help the firm make money?” ~ The Business of Intellectual Property Intellectual property practices may be borne of law and precedents but the real domain of IP is business.  Woe Unto You, Lawyers! […]