Ireland Overhauls Patent Rules Ireland has overhauled its patenting rules to make patent applications more user-friendly and the awarding of patents more in line with US and European standards. The new changes include removing legal impediments to the online delivery of Patent Office services. The Office website already offers a range of online interactive services […]

Schneider Electric, a provider of power and control solutions headquartered in France, just settled a three-year patent litigation suit with Chint, one of the largest manufacturers of low- voltage devices in China. The settlement amount of CNY 157.5 million (about USD 23 million) paid by Schneider is believed to be the largest for a patent […]

The Houston Business and Tax Law Journal (HBTLJ) is looking for a few good intellectual property articles for publication. HBTLJ is a scholarly journal published by students at the University of Houston Law Center.   The Journal is a medium for academic discussion and practical application insight in business, commerce, taxation, and intellectual property. The […]

The Japanese Government’s IP Strategic Headquarters announced plans to revise the patent examination standards for medical inventions of known drug compounds. The new standard will grant patent protection for new and inventive dosage regimens and modes of administration as a “product-related invention” provided the claimed medicament has remarkable effects beyond that which is expected by […]

The Innovation Alliance announced the release of a new study that details what it says is the negative impact on the U.S. economy that would result from enactment of currently considered patent legislation. The new study: “Problems to be Expected from Expanded Administrative Challenges to U.S. Patents,” is authored by Scott Shane, Ph.D., Professor of […]

While I wait for the buzz of local activity and excitement that comes with Spring, what could be better fun that partaking in the blawgosphere carnival, the Blawg Review? It’s perfect for my predicament. A fun celebration, globally shared in a space where it feels like it is always Spring.  ~IP Think Tank Blawg Review #222 is […]

Now, provisional exclusive and/or non-exclusive licenses can be registered at the Japan Patent Office based on a license agreement effective before an application is granted a patent. The new recordation system will provide protection for the licensee regarding the pending patent application against any third party who subsequently acquires the right to the license to […]

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has acknowledges that it might have been miscalculating patent term adjustment (PTA) for patents issued from 35 U.S.C. 371 national stage filings. Fish & Richardson and their pharmaceutical client Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) discovered a significant error in the manner by which the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) […]