WFPLheader_Summer09_2Ben Keeton, of the Kentucky BioAlliance, joins in on the State of Affairs show on station WFPL, Louisville’s NPR News station.  On the program, biotech insiders look at Biotechnology, Biologistics, and Biobusiness in Kentucky.  The show first asks “What is biotechnology?” and then they ask the experts to explain the what, why and how of the biotechnology industry, and what it means for Kentucky.

The show also looks at how Kentucky is putting a twist on its roots as a tobacco state by using transgenic tobacco plants for producing plant-made pharmaceuticals (PMPs).  Researcher Dr. Kenneth Palmer is working with a team at the Owensboro Cancer Research Program, in partnership with the James Graham Brown Cancer Center in Louisville. The team has identified a gene that, through a series of steps, can enable a tobacco plant to produce certain proteins.  Researchers can then extract the protein they need for the HPV vaccine. It’s all happening at the Kentucky Bioprocessing plant in Owensboro, KY.

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Slideshow of Images from Kentucky BioProcessing in Owensboro

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