31lbnoi3i8l_sl160_.jpgDoug Lichtman, a Professor of Law at UCLA, has alerted us to the fact that he sat down this past weekend with Professor Rob Merges from Berkeley and Professor John Duffy from GW, and they recorded a one-hour audio podcast about Bilski.  They have posted it for free, and in downloadable form, on the Web.

In going through the decision, Rob and John have helpful perspectives, not only because they are prominent patent academics, but also because they were each involved in the case and, indeed, Duffy was one of the four lawyers invited to present oral argument.

Special Offer:  Just to make things better for listeners, any lawyer who listens can get CLE credit (again, for free!) in New York, California.  They are expecting to be able to add Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Delaware, and Washington state.

The audio is part of an on-going series of intellectual property podcasts Professor Lichtman is doing with senior academic and industry guests.  At the site is an archive and a list of future programs, in case you are interested.  All are free, downloadable, possibly interesting, and come with the CLE, too.

What more could you ask for?

Check out the Bilski show at the IP Colloquium website here.  The Bilski audio is the featured audio on the splash page.

Also see:  How Did We Get to Bilski and What Can We Do About It?

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  1. My boss, Christopher Bolen, IP Practice Group Leader at Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC, wants a CLE on the Bikski case. We are in North Carolina. Will he get credit? Thanks!

    Jeff Cross

  2. Jeff,

    I checked with Professor Lichtman and he responded as follows:

    “We have already added Texas, Illinois and Washington State. So that takes us to five when you count NY and CAL. We do not yet have Delaware or Ohio.

    I don’t know what NC’s rules are, but we have not officially applied there, no. (We’re running tight on money to pay for all the ones we have, so we haven’t added more states yet.) 20,000 listeners gets pretty expensive … ”

    Hope this helps,