Yali Friedman announced the new, Third Edition of Building Biotechnology, known as the definitive primer and leading textbook on the business of biotechnology is now available in its third edition.We have not read the newest edition but it promises to be better than ever.

This new edition is a whopper containing 20 Chapters, 460 pages 44 figures, 25 Tables, and 63 Boxes — over 100 pages longer than the second edition with new chapters, new figures and tables, and additional case examples.

Building Biotechnology builds a foundation by providing a comprehensive fundamentals-based overview of the broad variety of elements influencing the commercialization of biotechnology.  You can get a taste of this guide by downloading the Introduction to Molecular Biology (PDF).

Expanding on this foundation to ensure a practical appreciation of operational issues in the biotechnology industry, Building Biotechnology adds real-world examples on topics such as the hidden pitfalls of common operational decisions, practical considerations in selecting business models and funding options, strategies to overcome developmental failures, and methods to leverage options to strengthen development plans.

You can purchase the texct at Amazon here: Building Biotechnology 3d Edition

Author Yali Friedman is also the editor of Best Practices in Biotechnology Business Development.  His other projects include the Biotech Blog and Drug Patent Watch.

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