ibarista-caricature.gifWell,  we ended up having some iPod Shuffles left over from the BIO2008 International Convention, in San Diego, Calif.  After running the Patent Baristas’ iBarista contest, it turned out to be harder than expected to just “bump into” someone in a crowd of 20,000.

So, I thought I’d give everyone a shot at picking up one of the iBarista iPods from Editor-in-Chief Barista, Stephen Jenei.  There are now two (2) all new chances to win and it can’t be easier.  I can’t wait to give these away.

Chance 1.

For everyone to have an equal chance, I will randomly select a winner of an Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB from everyone who submits a new  comment on the PatentBaristas.com website in the month of July ’08.  One entry per person — multiple comments will not increase your chances.  Comment spammers will be disqualified.

Chance 2.

For a chance to win another Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB, all you need to do is post a new link to the PatentBaristas.com website on your website.  I will randomly select a winner from everyone who posts a new link to the PatentBaristas.com website in the month of July ’08.  One entry per person — multiple links will not increase your chances.  Link spammers will be disqualified.

There are a few, uh, provisos. Ah, a couple of quid pro quo

We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that looks like it isn’t legitimate. The winner will be contacted at the email address entered or available on their website. Failure to respond within 5 days will result in the prize being given to someone else. If a winner lives somewhere that we can’t ship to directly using standard shipping, a cash (e.g., PayPal™) value prize may be substituted.

Otherwise, all of the previous iBarista iPod Giveaway Terms and Conditions still apply.

That’s it.

Good luck.



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  1. Hey guys, I love the site. You cover some really great patent topics, especially with the bio angle. (Yes, this is a self-serving entry.)

  2. I could sure use a new iPod. Thanks for offering one. Love the legal underground cases.

  3. Hi – I love the site as well. As a non-IP (but ex-scientist) professional in the biotechnology industry I enjoy the accessible way that patent issues are discussed here. And yes, a new iPod would be nice.

  4. What a wonderful offer, a new ‘pod! Thank you for running such a nice contest.

  5. Wow, nice contest, i like your useful Blog articles.

  6. hi,

    I am a IPR person and every day go through the articles posted in the site.
    The articles are really good and enlightening. This site has helped me to procure some of the litigation cases and details very efficently.
    The blog articles are very useful in understanding the concepts.
    I appreciate the effort in bringing the details under one site.
    thanks a lot.
    hope to read really good stuff i future.

  7. If not for being in China now on business trip, I will not enter the contest.

    This is also true – I subscribed to and read regularly your newsletter.

  8. Thanks for the good content and the offer for the iPod.

    Our web master tells me we can create a link to your site by way of an RSS feed. We’ll see if it works.


  9. Yes, I like a cup of freshly brewed Patent Baristas served up daily.

    And a shot at picking up one of the iPod Shuffles!


  10. For your consideration, a…uh. Whatchamacallit? Oh! A haiku!

    I just found your site!
    It’s a wonderful delight!
    I hope that I win.

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  12. […] Don’t forget to review the provisos here.  Otherwise, all of the previous iBarista iPod Giveaway Terms and Conditions still apply. […]

  13. Fairly long subscriber who switched from email to feed. Blogged about iPod design trademark. Cheers.

  14. Great site! Thanks for the useful content.

  15. Patents and coffee. These are a few of my favorite things…

    Love the content; love the design.

  16. Is it possible Mr. Guiliani is a Gen Whiner???