25 Shocking Facts

Laura Milligan uncovered 25 of the most shocking facts about the pharmaceutical industry.  While some aren’t really shocking — like the price of drugs is increasing faster than anything else a patient pays for — some are not widely known — like pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than research.  The reasons for these realities and whether or not they’re justified is another matter but I’ll leave that to others.

Trademark Valuations

James Berger and Diana Tadzijeva write about Marketing Perspectives on Brand Valuation when dealing with trademark infringement litigation.  The key to trying to make that determination is the ability to calculate what the brand or trademark is worth from a marketing perspective.  The marketing valuation is far different from the accounting valuation and the authors review some of the most popular techniques for determining the marketing value of the brand or trademark.

All Things Genomic

The Genomics Directory is a tremendous new resource center for bioentrepreneurs, scientists, and students in the field of biotechnology.  It provides a wide variety of resources useful during design, implementation, and running of a biotechnology project. I haven’t had the time to wade through all of the resources but looks like it offers a good one-stop shop for information.

Patent Quality Reports

The PatentCafe offers Patent Quality Reports in its free CAFC Library. The new Patent Factor Index (PFi) Reports, available for public downloading without cost, statistically score more than 2 dozen indicators of patent quality, many of the indices correlating directly to how the CAFC has decided on cases involving these patents.

Espresso, Anyone?

Emerjent, which offers web applications that track emerging technologies, is now offering Espresso™, an emerging technology information search engine. According to Emerjent, Espresso™ delivers a single site for up-to-date and in-depth information on the most promising technologies, people and companies that make up today’s knowledge-based economy. You can either take it for a test run without registering, or complete the free registration and use the more full-featured version.

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  2. The 25 Most Shocking Facts of the Pharmaceutical Industry focuses only on name brand drugs and not the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. The fact is the vast majority of prescriptions filled today are for generic drugs, and the American public pays significantly less for these drugs than in many other countries. Brand name pricing has a lot to do with the fact that manufacturers today cannot depend on maintaining their market for any significant period of time before a generic manufacturer will challenge it. Some price increases may simply be the inevitable desire to make money while the sun shines — that is, before someone else takes the market you just built.