“Biotechnology is not merely a set of technologies, but also an underlying philosophy of entrepreneurship, risk-taking and long-term vision.”  ~BioSynergy

biosynergy.jpgStudents at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University and the University of Toronto have launched a new biotech magazine called BioSynergy.  Their stated goal is to “[C]atalyze the birth of the next generation of biotech’s pioneers by conveying its ideas through the stories of biotech’s luminaries and the exciting technologies they are creating to students and executives across North America.”

Targeted at those with a background in the life sciences, executives and students alike, the magazine features contributions from luminaries including James Watson, Nobel Prize Winner and co-discoverer of the double helix, and Daniel Vasella, CEO of Novartis. The inaugural theme is biology’s transition to a quantitative discipline.

Thirty thousand print copies are to be distributed at BIO2008 and ten biomedical campuses across North America. The group is also planning an entrepreneurship competition and a case-study workshop to occur alongside the BIO2009 Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  They are also looking for campus partners.  If you are a biotech club somewhere in the world, you can mail info@biosynergyonline.com and they’ll send some print copies of BioSynergy your way.

BioSynergy is a non-profit magazine originally founded by students at the University of Toronto that aims to be the leading source of inspiration and excitement for entrepreneurship in the life sciences.

We’ll be looking for their team at BIO2008.  See more on-line here.

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