Dan Harris, over at the China Law Blog,  has posted this week’s Blawg Review #162.  This week’s review brings us world peace or at least attempts to enlighten the legal world about China and enlighten China readers about the legal world.

It is interesting to learn that after Beijing’s request that its citizens dispense with disposable chopsticks, starting today, China has banned those little plastic bags at the grocery store, as reported at the China Environmental Lawyer blog.

In a bit of good karma (but not by Sharon Stone), we enjoyed the Feminist Law Profs response to “Who speaks for all women?“as she points out that women, like all voters, are more than the sum of demographic data.   Somehow that fits in with May It Please the Court’s showing that the wolf whistle sometimes works.

As this week begins, we wish everyone peace.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store next week at More Partner Income.

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