In Corliss O. Burandt v. Jon W. Dudas, Director, United States Patent and Trademark Office (07-1504), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit showed no mercy for a patentee that tried to reinstate his patent for failure to pay the maintenance fee a decade later. Burandt designed internal combustion engines for Investment Rarities, […]

The book “Best Practices in Biotechnology Business Development” is a guidebook for those seeking to understand how to practice the business of biotechnology in order to become empowered to better manage their operations. This is not a typical page 1 to end (page 186) storyline with a nice plot and happy ending.  Instead, this is […]

25 Shocking Facts Laura Milligan uncovered 25 of the most shocking facts about the pharmaceutical industry.  While some aren’t really shocking — like the price of drugs is increasing faster than anything else a patient pays for — some are not widely known — like pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than research.  The reasons […]

After vigorous debate, H.R. 6344 passed in the U.S. House of Representatives to amend 35 U.S.C. 156, the statute governing patent term extensions based on regulatory review delay. This has been bounced around for several years now, and is intended (very specifically) to help Massachusetts-based The Medicines Company, which submitted its PTE application for U.S. […]

Elizabeth Edwards is a woman on a mission and her mission is healthcare.  Mrs. Edwards wants us to know that we are facing a crisis in healthcare.  Ours is a system that is the best in the world but that is too expensive for many. Last week at the BIO 2008 conference, Amgen hosted a […]

BIO2008 conference attendee Ben Keeton, of the Kentucky BioAlliance, won a Patent Baristas iPod this week.  Ben was the first person to find me at the 2008 BIO International Convention in San Diego and ask for the Patent Baristas’ iBarista iPod. Ben picked up a nice teal-colored iPod shuffle after asking for it Thursday.  Ben […]

You couldn’t swing a dead cat at the BIO2008 conference today without smacking at least one governor out pressing the flesh and showing their state’s support for the biotech industry. Joining Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle in announcing initiatives for biosciences and stem cell research, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter gave a talk today on Colorado’s growing […]

The BIO 2008 Convention was in full swing this week as over 20,000 attendees all crushed together gathered in the San Diego Convention Center.  With everything from a golf swing analysis to an oxygen bar, attendees are being treated to an all-out marketing blitz. With a new billion-dollar initiative seemingly announced daily, the stakes certainly […]