The Connecticut Attorney General is suing McKesson Corp., the nation’s largest pharmaceutical distributor, on allegations it illegally inflated wholesale drug costs for many brand-name drugs, including Lipitor and Prevacid.

Genzyme Corp. spent $640,000 lobbying the federal government in the first quarter on matters such as on patent-reform legislation and bills that would allow generic drug companies to sell cheaper copies of biotech drugs, according to a disclosure form.

Blogger J. Matthew Buchanan has opened the doors to his new firm, Buchanan Intellectual Property Office LLC (BIPO), along with a new website Effective IP.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published what’s being dubbed as the iPhone Patent, a 371-page whopper that covers Apple’s handheld multi-touch UI paradigm in excruciating detail. Days until the arrival of the second coming:  10.

Efficacy Brands has come out with chewable, cherry-flavored dextrose tablets, Obecalp (placebo spelled backward), which are being sold as a placebo for parents to give their kids.  This should go a long way in promoting a drug-free nation.

Ernst & Young’s 22nd annual Beyond Borders: Global Biotechnology Report says we’re in for a period of mega-deals in the industry.

The ABA has paired with, a legal information portal, to create a search engine covering all of the 1,800-plus blogs in our directory — including Patent Baristas. Blawg Search is like Google for lawyers.

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