usflag.jpegThe indefatigable Blawg Review Editor has asked Patent Baristas to host the next Blawg Review after Aussie law professor Mirko Bagaric of Moral Dilemma was unable to fulfill his duties due to an unexpected scheduling conflict with a case.

In the interest of God, Country and mercy, please send me your suggested additions to Blawg Review #161, which will be held next Monday. Keep in mind that it will be on Memorial Day so it would be helpful to have additional suggestions to honor the occasion.  I’d especially like to hear from/about sites that are not perennials on Blawg Review.

We’ll try to do justice for the event although the bar has been set quite high after last week’s Law Blog Review for the Week of May the 19th in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Eight hosted by Mistress Ruthie at Ruthie’s Law.  I think we shall now go and enjoy some tea whilst we ponder our task ahead.

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