IP Newsflash, an IP meta-information portal that browses your information channels for you and presents only relevant, recent and customizable IP information on a single page, just got better.  IP Newsflash is touted as being for “patent professionals who want to stay up to date but dislike the tedious task of browsing through countless sources of information.”  See other reviews at the Invent Blog, IP Menu, Patently-O and Securing Innovation. We really like the new look.  We love the free price.

Filed under Your Tax Dollars at Work, the Congressional Budget Office has released its cost estimate on the patent reform bill. Note that this includes an estimated $1 billion in compensation for DataTreasury’s check processing patents (5,910,988 and 6,032,137). Why Congress is wanting to give free immunity to one industry from infringement of a private company’s patent can probably be spelled c-a-m-p-a-i-g-n-d-o-n-a-t-i-o-n-s. More at the Patent Prospector.

Listed as the “first worldwide Web 2.0 pharmaceutical news portal,” World Pharma News.com now has World Pharma News.net —  a web application that allows you to submit pharmaceutical news articles or other related web resources that will be reviewed by our registered users and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the main page. When a registered user submits a news article it will be placed in the “unpublished” area until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the main page.

A Denver judge showed trial attorneys how to lose $51 million  for “cavalier and abusive” misconduct and for having a “what can I get away with?” attitude during a patent infringement trial.  Meanwhile, New Mexico has been finding new uses for lasers.

Also, Legal Andrew has an update on lawyer advertising.

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  1. Shame on you, Bank systems and Technologies/ Maria Bruno-Britz. Your BLOG Sight states that your sight has 46 messages, as of May 19,2008. Your last post is dated, Apr. 28,2008, with only 20 posts showing. That leaves 26 posts that have been deleted or not entered. The following post is a post that was previously entered and then deleted. The next one was posted on May 9 2008 and also deleted!

    To Huck`s chucks and add you other Bank Shills,

    I hate to use the word (stupid) however, this is the only word that seems to fit! ( I WILL NOW EXPLAIN THIS

    1.) To manually process a check, a bank pays between two and three dollars.

    2.) To electronically process a check, it costs a bank almost .nothing.

    3.) Banks save, from two to three dollars, on every check they process, electronically.

    4.) Data Treasury owns the patent rights, for electronically processing checks. (THE USPTO.

    5.) Data Treasury has offered, and is still offering, the right to license and use there electronic check processing technology. They have made, and are still making this offer to (EVERY BANK!)

    6.) Data Treasury offers the right ,to license and use this technology, for pennies per transaction.

    7.) Many banks are infringing, (STEALING) the Data Treasury Patents. They are being sued for patent infringement. ( The case, Data Treasury VS. Wells Fargo and numerous other banks was filed on Feb ,24,2006 ,and is still in progress.) To date the banks have spent in excess of ( SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS), in attorneys fees ,to fight this case. To date ,they have not scored one court victory.

    8.) Data Treasury, has no issue with a bank that chooses to license and use there process.

    You and the other Bank Shills are attempting to use smoke and mirrors, in an attempt to circumvent this issue. It has not worked and it will not work. Like it or not, the court will have the final say! This will be my last post. I choose not to spend additional time on idiots ,that lack the intellect to, or have no desire to accept the truth!

    commented on May 9, 2008 7:04:53 PM
    Well hello Maria Bruno-Britz,
    Inspector Cluseau, posed a simple question on May, 1 st! Are the banks infringing or not infringing the DATA Treasury patents? When he mentioned the word (LEGALITY), Your entire blog came to a screeching halt. Do you think the bank Shills, have plead the Fifth Amendment? In your April 23, rd. article, you portrayed the banks as victims. You have made insinuations and allegations ,about Data Treasury, with no facts to substantiate your claims. You stated that “I won`t pretend to know the intricate details about this case” .After you saying that, I am having difficulty understanding, why your article was so slanted in favor of the banks, and against Data Treasury! You also stated,” I realize that Data Treasury is a touchy subject for many of our readers, but I would enjoy hearing your comments (TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU). After that, banking industry, biased, one sided article, you (WOULD NOT) enjoy hearing our comments’ In the interest of fair and honest journalism (if there is such a thing), why not write another article? Do some research, maintain some credibility and try not to slant the article in either direction. Like it or not, facts trump opinions in every case. Especially court cases!

    commented on May 10, 2008 3:08:45 PM
    To Maria Bruno-Britz, (An addendum to the above post)

    Come on Maria, give it a shot, Write another Banks VS. Data Treasury article. This time, spice it up with some honesty and integrity. Use the article, to pose a few questions. Let me help you a little. Ask, what happened to the, vanishing, patent reform bill? Ask, what happened to the gusto, of Senator Jeff Sessions and the entire Senate Judiciary Committee. Ask why they abandoned, all interest in meaningful patent reform. The Bank Shills will never give you this answer but I will! Gone is there amendment, that would spare banks from treble damages! Gone are the huge sums of, lobbyists dollars! And therefore, gone is any interest, in meaningful patent reform! This entire Patent Reform charade, was to get the banks off the treble damage hook. This, should the court find in favor of Data Treasury, In the case of Data Treasury VS. Wells Fargo . So much for honesty, integrity and any real desire, for patent reform.

    Come on Maria, you can do it! Write an honest, unbiased article about the Banks VS. Data Treasury. Tell your Bank Systems and Technology bosses to go fly a kite. Tell them, you are writing this article your way, and you are going to tell it the way it is! (I Will keep in touch.– If you need a job, I can hook you up!) Maria, I attempted to make the following two entries, on your blog site..

    Maria, This is a test post. At the top of your blog sight, under comments, you claim to have 43 messages posted and state that the (Last post was made on May 17, 2008.) Your blog sight shows 20 posts. The last post is dated, April, 28, 2008, almost three weeks ago. Is it possible that Banking Systems and Technology, doesn`t like what`s being said, so there not permitting the posts to be entered? If that`s not the case, perhaps you need a new webmaster. In either case, this shows poor credibility on your part. It is your blog sight. Perhaps it would be appropriate, to make an entry on your own sight, to explain what happened to the additional 23 messages. Just a suggestion of course!