Securing Innovation has a piece on the Eco-Patent Commons, an initiative to create a collection of patents on technology that directly or indirectly protects the environment. The patents will be pledged by companies and other intellectual property rights holders and made available to anyone free of charge. Eco-Patent info in pdf here.

Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) posted a new study, entitled “The Economic Implications of Patent Reform,” on the potential economic impact of the pending patent reform legislation.  The study, available here, concludes that the following provisions would greatly increase costs:

  • Changing the rules for apportioning damages would increase the cost of patent litigation.
  • A new post-grant opposition system would increase the cost of adjudicating patents.
  • Changes to the inequitable conduct doctrine would increase litigation and patent transaction costs.

Consumers, generic drug manufacturers, insurers and others sent letters to the U.S. Senate leaders on the issue of on the importance of maintaining the inequitable conduct defense in patent disputes. Senate Letters.

Although, it now looks like the Senate vote on the Patent Reform Act is going to be delayed, probably until April.

Insmed has just launched a campaign to increase awareness of the need for Congress to pass the follow-on biologics (FOB) approval pathway. In trendy fashion, Insmed has posted a video on YouTube called Follow-On Biologics – Tell your Story.

e-IP announced new features that simplify the process of posting your IP, as well as more pricing options. These enhancements have been developed in response to requests from research institutions with large portfolios of IP (i.e. over 100), and are now available to anyone.

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