Litigator/Lobbyist Dan Hull at What About Clients? posted Blawg Review #145 this week.  The review, entitled VENI, VIDI, VICI :  Super Bowl Blawg Review, features everything from the phenonmenology of political correctness to where do judges come from?

We especially enjoyed J. Craig Williams piece on the need for cultural literacy (But sorry about that 20/700 eyesight. Ouch.)  Although, the Obvious Rejection had nothing to do with a 103 rejection by the patent office.

Bummer that you can’t have all your friends over to watch the big game.  And who knew that everyone would call in sick Monday morning

We would also add the California Biotech Law Blog’s entry on the future of the SBIR program.  We’re still trying to find a good use for Fontifier

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