A law blog on intellectual property worth noting is the IP Thinktank Blog by Duncan Bucknell, an independent IP consultant.  Hailing from Victoria, Australia, IP Thinktank provides one of the best round-ups of IP law from across the globe. 

This is a very thorough, well-laid out blog that provides good insight into strategic lifecycle management for both innovator (brandname) pharmaceutical companies as well as generic companies.

One recent post lists the Top 5 reasons not to settle IP Litigation from the IP owner’s perspective:

  1. The other side are not even close to offering a reasonable deal.
  2. A state sanctioned monopoly is worth a lot more to you, even after the costs of litigation.
  3. This is one of many similar actions currently ongoing and you need a precedent and to send a signal to (a) the market, and (b) the other infringers.
  4. Settling this one will create a cascade of difficulties across many jurisdictions.
  5. Your CEO just doesn’t get along with the person in charge of that other company (NOT).

You can also learn the word Champerty — a doctrine of law which forbids certain situations in which a third party pays litigation expenses in return for a share in any proceeds. 

We recommend adding IP Thinktank to your list.

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