This week’s Blawg Review #134 is run by Eric Turkewitz at the New York Personal Injury Law Blog — it’s definitely a marathon.  Unfortunately, David Giacalone at f/k/a thinks that themed blawg reviews tend to be “annoying, strained and distracting.”

We especially enjoyed the Consumer Law & Policy Blog’s take on the Center for Consumer Freedom, an independent organization that advocates for consumers’ rights to make informed choices in the marketplace.  Well, as long as consumer freedom actually means a consumer’s ability to purchase products without adequate information about potential dangers and without adequate remedies if they are harmed.

We’re more concerned about Above the Law’s gossip on a judge that may have played a role in changing his kid’s bar exam grade from fail to pass. But, that’s another story.

We’ll have to see how Turkewitz fares as a trademark scofflaw


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