blawgworld_book_c2_dnow_150.jpgPatent Baristas has been featured in BlawgWorld 2007, an outstanding presentation of some of the top law blogs around the web in an eBlook format put together by Editor Sara Skiff, Publisher Neil Squillante and the eBook Team at TechnoLawyer.

BlawgWorld 2007 is a compilation of exemplary posts from authoritative law blogs of various specialties that presents them in an easy-to-navigate e-book pdf format you can download here for free.  The format provides added access to these influential law sources for many lawyers who might not yet be reading or writing blogs regularly. The new eBook format makes it really easy to navigate this sampling to get a feel for law blogs.

Seventy-seven exceptional blogs are featured in this year’s BlawgWorld 2007, including Adam Smith, Esq., Blawg Review, May It Please The Court, Morepartnerincome, Patent Baristas, PHOSITA, Promote the Progress, SCOTUSblog and Wired GC.

The Barista article, Are Conflicts of Interest on the Rise?,” provides a discussion of the global pharmaceutical market’s pressure on the marketplace—and the regulations that try to hold it back.

Congratulations to all whose blogs were selected for BlawgWorld 2007. This has been a enormous effort and we encourage you to check it out this great offering for yourself.

Download Your Free Copy of BlawgWorld 2007 with TechnoLawyer Problem/Solution Guide here now!


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