logobio1.gifWhile attending BIO2007 in Boston on May 6-9 and will be participating as a blogger on-site at BioVoice, the BIO2007 Conference Exhibitor Hall has been jam-packed with events. With 1,900 exhibitors, 60 pavilions and 60 countries available to stop by and visit, it’s difficult to meet with all those you want and to spend enough time visiting.

For readers of Patent Baristas, I’m passing on some insider information. The best chocolate can be found at the Switzerland pavilion. The best theme-based, game playing is the mini-curling at Saskatchewan. Best new trinket is at novo nordisk, offering slick, colorful pedometers. Ireland even had a visit from Bono — although my pictures are blurry.*

And forget about all the iPod give-aways. The best raffle prize is at the Scientist Magazine, which is offering a chance for a cool red Vespa. They’re also handing out the premier issue of Biotech360, a quarterly magazine for leaders in the biotech industry, which asks the question “Can Biotech Save the Developing World?”  A question for all of us, indeed.

(*Note: I’m just having some fun. I think it was just someone that looked like Bono. Of the two gentlemen at the Ireland booth, one believed it was Bono while the other thought it was a look-a-like. I can’t offer any proof either way but somehow I image he would be followed around by cameras.)

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  1. Hi Stephen:

    I wish I could be there this year. I blogged BIO 2006 and was the lone blogger there as far as I could tell. It’s great to see what you’re doing. You can find posts of what I did last year using this link and scrolling backward: http://agwired.com/category/bio/. My focus is/was on agricultural biotech.

    I’ll try to keep an eye on BIO Voice and if you want to send me any pics or info especially related to ag I’ll gladly use it and link/credit it back to you.

    Here’s a link to the post I just did: http://agwired.com/2007/05/07/new-media-reporting-on-bio-2007/.

  2. Got the pedometer, nice gadget, they were being dished out at the INTA conference last week in Chicago too (I don’t remember who, it was all a bit of a bleary haze, and my feet were sore after walking all over town 😉 ). If you stop by a the Fish & Richardson booth, you can get a cuddly seal bean bag for your kids – maybe they should change the name of the conference to Gadgets & Small Toys, they seem to abound here !!!!

  3. Oh yes, and while we’re on the subject of Canada, the Canadian delegation held a welcome reception yesterday at the Wang theatre just across the road from my hotel, only I found about it too late (i.e. when they were all coming out 🙁 ) – seemed to be a pretty popular event !!!
    Anway, gotta go, more leather pounding today 🙂

  4. I’d vote for the Harley Davidson as best raffle prize (at the Pennsylvania pavillion.)they do this every year.

    Alex, the Canadian Soiree was great (I’m Canadian, so perhaps a bit biased). Fabulous venue and packed.

    As for the attendance by Bono/’Bono’, apparently even the autograph was pretty close to real – or maybe real? I find it hard to believe that he would not have an entourage, but one never knows. I’m still not sure…Does anyone have a confirmation?

  5. Well there were several drinking / eating events organized tonight from 5pm onwards. In my opinion, the best was the Puerto Rican reception, with live music and rum cocktails, food, and latin dancing, loved that (although I didn’t participate for wont of a partner) – I was suitably impressed 🙂
    At the end, towards 6:30pm, there was a follow-on do (the Gala ??) at the WTC, but I had a prior engagement so didn’t get to go.

  6. I have the picture at the BIO Show with Bono and it is not blurry. Some of my friends didn’t believe he was who he was and not a fake one…how can we be sure it was him? Please, let me know of any evidence, it is true that in the picture it looks different!!!

  7. It was not Bono. He was a professional celebrity look alike. Sorry to burst the bubble.