A new blog I came across recently is the Daily Dose of IP, a blog by Mark Reichel that is a source of daily tidbits on IP law. Daily Dose of IP (or DDIP for short), focuses on a variety of issues including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets and provides information on IP issues with links to cases and other materials. I recommend that you check it out, particulary the wrap-up of Starbuck’s trademark fight.

Highlighting the importance of intellectual property in society, Time magazine has named YouTube the ‘Invention of the Year’, beating out Gardasil, a vaccine that prevents a cancer-causing sexually transmitted disease, and CrustaStun, a device that electrocutes a lobster in five seconds, and is touted as a humane alternative to boiling.

I guess it makes sense. YouTube was recently acquired by Google for $1.65 billion. Not bad for a business based on copyright infringement that is without a real plan for revenue.

Finally, Blawg Review #83 is up at (fittingly) Election Law. A follow-up to last week’s Blawg Review by Ed Still at Votelaw, Rick Hasen’s web log brings a round-up of posts regarding the election outcome and process. Scariest is the write by Equal Vote Blog describing where 18,000 undervotes appear to be the result of machine malfunction, poor machine design, human error, or something else in Sarasota – a vote separated by fewer than 400 votes.

But then, maybe it doesn’t matter what anyone does.

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