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IP Blawgs of Note

One of the items that I tend to fall terribly behind in is mentioning other IP sites of interest. I wanted to make up for some of my wanton and willful negligence by highlighting some noteworthy pages.

Joseph Scott Miller [1], an Associate Professor of Law at Lewis & Clark Law School, launched The Fire of Genius [2] in May 2006 to comment on patent law, i.p. law, creativity, the legal academy, and more. Of special note to litigators is his round-up on injunctions [3], offering a running list of the patent, copyright, and trademark cases in which courts have applied the eBay four-factor framework to grant or deny injunctive relief.

Another new IP blog is IPEG [4], by Simmons & Simmons partner Severin de Wit [5], which covers mostly European patent & technology issues. This site offers some unique insight into EPO practice and is worth a look.

More to come.