QuizLaw, which promises simple answers to complex legal questions, brings in Blawg Review #71 with a review of the latest big topics including The Legal Reader’s highlight of the Santa Venetia Center for the Arts and Humanities v. San Rafael Unified School Dist (CA1/1), where an Artists group had contracted to buy some land from the School District, but eventually defaulted and the District sued to quiet title and evict the Artists. The Artists declared bankruptcy and then settled.

Apparently, some of the Artists didn’t like this and hired a new lawyer who tried unsuccessfully to get a do-over. Before sanctioning both the Artists and their new attorney, the Court stated:

In sum, the artists lack standing to contest most of the matters they cite, their appeal is untimely as to anything of which they have standing to complain, their briefs are defective, their arguments lack merit and their attorney misrepresented the complexity of the issues, apparently as a means of delaying our consideration of the merits of the Artists’ arguments.

The court even reported the artists’ new attorney, Claire Leary, to the State Bar for possible disciplinary action.

While we appreciated learning that virgins don’t make good egg donors, we’ll just add our own nod to Ultimate Guitar for standing up to legal threats over copyright.

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