Apparently after making substantial campaign contributions, the Baristas from Patent Baristas have been named Blawgers of the Year in the 2006 TechnoLawyer @ Awards!

There’s no cash prize but it beats a poke in the eye. Of course, it’s an honor to just be nominated. It just happens to be even better to win.

Blawgger of the Year is awarded to the blogger(s) responsible for the largest number of downloads of BlawgWorld 2006: Capital of Big Ideas. Apparently, our readers like this eBook. See the rest of the winners (who were actually voted in) at TechnoLawer. LexisNexis appears to have donated even more money than we did.

Earlier, we had an article featured in BlawgWorld 2006: Capital of Big Ideas, an eBook sampler of 51 of the most influential law blogs (blawgs). BlawgWorld is published by TechnoLawyer, a publisher of various e-mail newsletters for the legal marketplace. The Barista article, “Misconduct (and Not Just Scientific) is a Problem for Everyone,” provided a discussion of recent allegations of misconduct by U.S. researchers in light of a survey showing one in three researchers admitted to some type of professional misbehavior.

See the Patent Baristas Sampler article here.

If you don’t yet have a copy of BlawgWorld, download it today. BlawgWorld is available free in its entirety just by clicking on the link here.

The is a direct link to the eBook, which means readers can download it without joining TechnoLawyer. Although, we recommend that you join TechnoLawyer using the BlawgWorld home page, and check out their legal newsletters.

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