Prof. James Edward Maule, at MauledAgain, plays host to a special Tax Day Edition of Blawg Review #53.

But, as Prof. Maule points out, every day is Tax Day given the plethora of ways in which governmental agencies extract their pound of flesh. Sales taxes. Real estate transfer taxes. Use taxes. Telephone taxes. Tire excise taxes. Occupation taxes. Emergency services taxes. Inheritance taxes. Gift taxes. Estate taxes. Income taxes.

For those keeping track, Tax Freedom Day for 2006 is April 26th, the 116th day of the year, three days later than in 2005 and 10 days later than it was in 2004.

After that bit of depressing news, Maule gives us a good round-up of blawg news. We especially enjoyed the interview with Prof. Stephen Bainbridge at AutoMuse about his obsession with fast. We always like to keep up on all things automobile.

If only AutoMuse could help me find that perfect vehicle that could stow a bicycle, get good mileage and still seat three kids across the back. I like the new SUV hybrids but have been disillusioned by their prices (and lackluster gas mileage). The sticker price of a Toyota Highlander SUV hybrid is $6,590 more than the six-cylinder gas-only model. That, for an SUV that just screams AARP. (No offense to Instapundit!) But it probably explains why they’re still sitting on the lots.

I love the way the FX45 drives but I don’t want to single-handedly melt the polar caps, not that I want to go metrospiritual on you. We’re looking forward to getting our leather wrapped hands on the 2007 Acura MD-X Concept. We can’t wait to try out the cupholders on this sport ute. Now, if we can only get it in a hybrid version. Preferably, a plug-in.

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