Well, I’m back from my hiatus now that the Google-Patent Baristas acquisition has fallen apart (they don’t even serve decent coffee). The WiredGC posted its own brand of foolery in an article about Large Firm Associates wanting to form a union to enforce wage and labor rules. Associates are upset over massive salary increases and “worker safety is a major concern as many associates cannot use their thumbs on the weekend due to excessive BlackBerry usage.”

I noticed that not everyone thinks that April Fool’s Day is fun. While I’ve received only positive feedback (to my face), Paul Kedrosky at Infectious Greed feels that April Fool’s Day is just irritating. I thought someone would mention our new hire, Staff Writer April Balatro (Latin for April Fool).

I have to admit, it’s difficult to be fresh and new whenever Google comes out with their own 4/1 announcement regarding their new Google Romance™ service. Google gets to the bottom of things in noting: “When you think about it, love is just another search problem. And we’ve thought about it. A lot. Google Romance™ is our solution.” Don’t forget to take the tour.

So, what’s not a hoax? Google’s push into multimedia. It appears that Google has begun looking for employees to make Google TV and radio products compatible with televisions, stereos, radios and cell phones.

While we’re at it, Bruce MacEwen at Adam Smith, Esq., writes about what should have been merely an April 1st joke. Not to mention the $400K entry-level hires.

Will the Baristas be back next April 1st for another round of fun? We’ll see.

Update: Don’t miss Buzzaire – Metered Dose Caffeine Inhaler.

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