As the hosts the 48th Edition of Blawg Review with “unfettered discretion,” the Rethink(ip) guys hate carnivals. At least the ones they have become, in their words, “bloated, link-whore-optimized versions of the original vision for what a carnival should be – an edited review of relevant blog posts presented in a manner that contributes to thought-provoking conversation.”

Doug, Steve and Matt bring you their favorite posts covering Bruce MacEwen’s discussion on what differentiates a firm [Generally, Nothing] , Josh Cohen’s views on “Obeying the law,” and Denise Howell’s post on employee blogging, respectively.

Check out the rethought Blawg Review for yourself.

For the Baristas’ own addition to this weeks Review, we’d like to note a new law blogroll that is a work in progress. It’s called “myHq blawgs” and is host to links to the blogs of lawyers, law professors and law students. Not to mention a sprinkling of blogs covering politics, the judiciary, law librarians and more.

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