Colin Samuels brings on Blawg Review #35 in the Nine Circles of Hell from Dante’s Inferno. Samuel’s Infamy or Praise review provides an overview law blawgs within the concept of a hell unworthy of Hell — one filled with those who, as Dante observes, “made through cowardice the great refusal.”

Samuel shows his desire to be of consequence and not to be one of the inconsequential souls — those whom Dante noted in passing as “[t]hese miscreants, who were never alive” — is in many ways more damning than to exist in any of the nine circles of Hell through which Dante and Virgil subsequently journey.

We especially like David Gulbransen of the Preaching to the Perverted blog distilling the law school experience of 1L down to a few bullet points, e.g., Torts: “Accidents happen, but someone’s gonna have to pay for that.”

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