The Baristas had a post from Patent Baristas featured in the newly launched BlawgWorld 2006: Capital of Big Ideas, an eBook sampler of 51 of the most influential law blogs (blawgs). BlawgWorld is published by TechnoLawyer, a publisher of various e-mail newsletters for the legal marketplace. The Barista article, “Misconduct (and Not Just Scientific) is a Problem for Everyone,” provided a discussion of recent allegations of misconduct by U.S. researchers in light of a survey showing one in three researchers admitted to some type of professional misbehavior.

See the Patent Baristas Sampler article here.

They’ve also launched a special BlawgWorld home page at Anyone who joins TechnoLawyer using the form on this home page will immediately receive a free copy of BlawgWorld. (Best of all, joining TechnoLawyer is free and so are the newsletters they publish!)

We recommend that you join TechnoLawyer using the BlawgWorld home page, and check out their legal newsletters. We especially like Fat Friday, a weekly newsletter that enables TechnoLawyer members to discuss any legal technology or practice management issue on their mind.

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