tryptophan.gifYes, Blawg Review #34(!) is up over at Phosita, hosted by Douglas Sorocco. This is an awesome round-up of blawgs with lots of great posts – obviously the turkey hangover wasn’t too bad this year. We loved the post (of course) over on Brand Autopsy musing about the Lowest Common Coffee Denominator. So, is your firm more like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts (atmosphere v. consistency)?

We also learn that Sorocco and wife are expecting their first child in February (and reading up on things at the Mommy Blawg). Congrats!

We’re just happy to hear that Steve Nipper, over at rethink(ip), was able to get that useless “www” removed off the front end of the URL. Way to go, Steve!

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