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  1. LegalEase Solutions LLC
    Oct 19 - 11:57 pm

    Think not of the outsourcing which has displaced jobs but of a new breed of outsourcing which is directing the worlds intellectual capital into the United States. You are looking at highly qualified professionals who bring their talent and creativity with them. Its not the short sighted vision of who or what gets displaced but the long term vision of the world’s intellectual capital fueling the American economy. Can you put a price on that? Can you envision the benefits which will push the economy to its next level.
    America is today’s leader in intellectual capital. But other nations are catching up. Do you want to be an ostrich and ‘protect’ America from these changes or embrace them and see how best we can use them to our advantage?

  2. Tariq Akbar
    Oct 07 - 5:23 pm

    Well, one does not have to compromise quality over cost. Once quality is enforced and you have a provider with the same level of commitment toward quality that you have, your scope of research increases exponentially. Recently there was an article which quoted patent applications not being exhaustive enough. This is for a reason. A lot of companies or ind individuals do not want to be stuck with a huge legal bill. So, in efforts to trim that cost, the compromise is made on quality. Legal Outsourcing addresses that issue. Yes quality needs to be enforced and will not be a given with most providers, but once you have that expectation in place and proper checkpoints to ensure the continuity of the same, outsourcing can bring out efficencies in the legal market and the legal community which have been thus far unheralded!

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