The Baristas are out today at BioOhio 2005 but I wanted to leave a Monday morning note about Blawg Review #30. Denise Howell over at Bag and Baggage wrote a terrific Halloween-themed review that shouldn’t be missed. We’re just wanting to mention a posting by Ernie Svenson (a/k/a Ernie the Attorney – searching for truth […]

The European Patent Office (EPO) issued a report that several groups in the European Parliament have expressed about the grant of European patent EP 1257168 B1. In motions communicated to the EPO, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have stated that, in their view, the grant of this patent, which is entitled “Method of cryopreserving […]

A Senate committee approved the Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act, sponsored by Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C. The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee approved the bill by a voice vote and now the bill goes before the full Senate. Key components of the Biodefense and Pandemic Vaccine and Drug Development Act […]

Earlier, the USPTO required that business method inventions must apply, involve, use or advance the “technological arts”. This requirement could be met by merely requiring that the invention be carried out on a computer. In Ex parte Lundgren, Appeal No. 2003-2088, Application 08/093,516, (Precedential BPAI opinion September 2005), the Board rejected the examiner’s argument that […]

The IP Department of Frost Brown Todd LLC will once again be a sponsor of BioOhio. This year’s BioOhio 2005 features national speakers, informative sessions, company exhibits, and student posters. This year’s keynote speaker is Caroline Kovac, General Manager of IBM Healthcare and Life Sciences. I will be speaking at the conference on Monday, October […]

Science magazine ran a story that researchers at MIT found that nearly 20 percent of the human genome, or 4,382 of the known 23, 688 human genes, have been patented, with over half owned by private companies and 28 percent assigned to universities. Around 63% of the patents are assigned to private firms, with one […]

Today’s post comes from Guest Barista C. Lee Thomason, a registered patent attorney and IP litigator at Frost Brown Todd’s Louisville office. My interest in ads that compare the efficacy of a product to the competitors’ products was peaked by the FTC ruling in In the Matter of Telebrands Corp., TV Savings, LLC, and Ajit […]

The Editor ‘n Chef of Blawg Review has come out with a double-barreled, two-fer blawg carnival this week. The double-shot features both Blawg Review #29 and Carnival of the Capitalists #107. Besides the expected machinations on the Harriet Miers nomination, we enjoyed Bruce MacEwen’s inquiry into the economics of law firms at Adam Smith, Esq. […]