Carolyn Elefant and Mark Sindler have posted Blawg Review #21 over at My Shingle. I’ve been reviewing this week’s theme of Endings, Beginnings and the Transitions and Crossings in Between (while convalescing with my own transitions and typing with one hand). I especially enjoyed the post by Margaret Marks, who found the The Standard Catchall […]

Today’s post comes from Guest Barista C. Lee Thomason, a registered patent attorney and senior litigator at Frost Brown Todd LLC, in Louisville, who keeps track on developments in patent litigation. New “Amendment” to Patent Reform Act of 2005 will makes Inequitable Conduct determinations as simple as a three-ring circus. Rep. Lamar Smith has pared […]

Well, as many of you know, we’ve been posting lightly this summer. Karlyn has been busy dealing with moving (twice!) and I’ve been caught up in lots of other projects. One of those projects started about five weeks ago — I decided to take up bicycling. Again. I used to bicycle regularly but that was […]

The biotech industry’s has been putting on pressure to let biotech companies owned by venture capitalists qualify for federal small-business grants. Through the SBIR program, 2.5 percent of the outside research and development budgets of 10 federal agencies is set aside for small businesses, defined by SBA as those with fewer than 500 employees. Specifically, […]

Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer and Blawg Review #19, hosted this week by the Patent Baristas. We’re always glad to have company over so grab a cup of joe and we’ll see what’s been going on around the blogosphere. As is typical here, it’s currently a balmy 98 degrees in beautiful Cincinnati, OH, […]

Over the summer, whenever you’d think you’d have beaucoup time on your hands, I tend to be busier than ever with taking care of kids and my home and getting to all those things I put off during the school year. So, a lot of little “detail” action items tend to build up on my […]

We went to see a movie with the kids this weekend as we tried to get in family fun before the school treadmill starts up again. We went to the super-mega-multi-plex where they had a gaggle of movies playing, including a big fat ONE MOVIE that was rated G and OK to take the kids […]

I’ve been hoping to see some let up on the “patent troll” whiney tantrums we’ve been seeing of late. Geez, even the BBC News, which should know better, took up the issue and re-printed old arguments that keep showing up like a bad penny. One BBC article quotes FTC commissioner Mozelle Thompson saying some companies […]