Extreme Makeover – Kids Edition: A Cookie is a Sometimes Food? Sesame Street Re-packages its Beloved Cookie Monster What is wrong with America these days? Must we be soooooooo PC that even Sesame Street’s beloved blue furry Cookie Monster needs to be harnessed in and white-washed like so much else in our culture (or now […]

If you are like me and enjoy the economics of law practice as much as the practice itself, then you’re probably familiar with Bruce MacEwen’s blog, Adam Smith, Esq., where “law firm management comes under the microscope.” (and what can I say about a guy who can work in the word “Jesuitical” in a blog […]

I am glad right now that the only thing I am suffering from is a common head cold, thanks to my two toddlers wanting to “share.” If I had arthritis like my grandmother did, I would really be starting to worry. It seems that even after the talk of using “black box warnings” from this […]

Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a holding company that operates through its principal subsidiaries, Barr Laboratories, Inc. and Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., announced that the U.S. District Court in New Jersey has granted summary judgment of invalidity on an additional patent in their litigation challenging the patents on Allegra(R) (Fexofenadine Hydrochloride) allergy treatment products. The court had previously […]

In case you have not heard already from the many posts out there, Kevin Heller (Tech Law Advisor) and Evan Schaeffer (Notes from the (Legal) Underground) have rolled out Blawg Review, a site for the review of law blogs and postings. It is not often you see a collaborative project like this from a group […]

The Baristas received a nice mention in Ben Cowgill’s new blog, the Legal Ethics Blog where he mentions our web disclaimer. Cowgill writes: “So what is the ethics angle of this post? It’s this: I think the disclaimer is just right because it says what it needs to say while providing a little humor which […]