Well, I am now back from a rather somewhat self-imposed hiatus from the Barista blawg site. The events of the past 2 weeks in my life, ranging from my toddler having surgery to selling my house, finding a new place to live for the entire herd, and having to move in 2 weeks time, all […]

There’s a nice update on the new Japanese Intellectual Property High Court on Bill Heinze’s I/P Updates blog. The new court was organized because the Supreme Court, which is supposed to unify legal precedents, takes too long to complete hearings and it now only rules on constitutional issues. The new court will reportedly have 18 […]

This week in Science Magazine, a team led by Dr Mary Higby Schweitzer of North Carolina State University and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences reports finding a 68-million year old Tyrannosaurus rex fossil that appears to contain elastic soft tissues, blood vessels and cells and it’s still transparent and pliable. This goes against […]

Those who know me know I have an attention span that’s measured in microseconds. Therefore, when people started talking about podcasts and podcasting as “the next big thing”, I let out a groan thinking this would be yet another thing I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to long enough to benefit. But after giving […]

Damon Darlin at B2Day posted a note about Postal Watch being up in arms about the Postal Service using Special Cancellations of stamps with little characters from the animated movie, Robots. I have to admit, this is one of those items that seems like an abuse of governmental powers. Actually, I don’t think it is […]

Boston Scientific Corp. announced that a jury in Delaware found that one of the company’s cardiovascular stents infringed on a patent held by Johnson & Johnson. Monetary damages will be determined in a later hearing and there are likely to be post-verdict motions and hearings, as well as an appeal. During an earlier trial of […]

The National Academies’ National Research Council has come out encouraging the National Institutes of Health to foster independence among postdoctoral scholars, entry-level faculty, staff scientists, and other new investigators in biomedical research by improving their training and giving them more resources to pursue their own projects. In case you think this is not a problem, […]

There seems to be quite a few protests of India’s passage this week of a new patent law that prevents domestic drug companies from making low-cost generics of expensive Western medicines, saying millions of poor people across the world will be affected. The changes in patent rights come from India’s membership in the World Trade […]