Blogger and Patent Attorney Axel H Horns posted a nice review of the recent EU-CREST Committee on “IPR and Research” report. The Committee for Scientific and Technical Research (Crest) is the advisory committee to the Council and the Commission on subjects relating to scientific and technical research and in particular, on the co-ordination of national R&D policies.

In its Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) and Research final report, it recommended many items applicable to publicly funded research in every country, including the U.S. Its recommendations included:

Improve the coherence and effectiveness of IPR ownership policies applicable in publicly funded research;
Earmark funding for the management of knowledge and IPR;
Collect data in a coordinated way and develop IPR performance indicators;
Establish mechanisms for promoting management of IPR in public research organisations (PROs);
Promote the validation and exploitation of IPR in PROs and public-private partnerships by stakeholders;
Basic awareness-training on IPR and technology transfer for every student;
Recognize IPR and technology transfer activities in appraising the performance of researchers; and
Promote the accreditation of technology transfer professionals.

It will be interesting to see if EU universities can accelerate their tech transfer.

IPR and Research” final report can be viewed here.

See the complete story at Horns’ BLOG@IP::JUR here.

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